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VPC and BRD are pleased to announce our first collaboration project - the VPC WarBRD!

The VPC WarBRD is the newest generation of desktop flightsticks perfect for piloting any warbird to it’s highest potential! Featuring the latest iteration of BRD’s world famous compact, all metal, dual-cam mechanics and VPC’s own highly versatile electronic systems.

Being equipped with the same connector standard and electronics as the VPC MongoosT-50® ensures complete compatibility with VPC’s existing and future grips without requiring any adapters or modifications

The VPC WarBRD will be positioned below the VPC MongoosT-50® in the VPC product lineup to become the ultimate desktop joystick at an affordable price. 

Targeted for a release 20th of May 2018.

There are yet no reviews for this product.
There are yet no reviews for this product.